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[Desktop] How to Ask for Reviews from Your Customers
[Desktop] How to Ask for Reviews from Your Customers

Use Topline Pro's Review Request tool to grow the prominence of your business online!

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Reviews are great for increasing your online presence and promoting your services, and asking your customers to leave a review will increase the amount of reviews you get. Read on to learn about how to easily ask your customers for reviews!

1. Navigate to and click on the "Reviews" tab in the left navigation panel.

Click on Reviews

2. Click on the "Ask for Reviews" button on the top right corner of the screen.

Click on Ask for Reviews

3. Select contacts to request a review from. The contacts are populated from the Contacts section of the app.

Click on dialog

4. If you would like to add additional contacts to request reviews from, click on the "Create New Contact" link, fill in the contact information, and then click on "Save and Add".

Click on Create New Contact

6. Click on "Email" or "Text" to send the review request.

Click on Text

You've successfully sent out requests to leave reviews - sit back and watch them roll in!

Here's what your customers will receive:

To manage the review link that gets sent out:

1. Click on "Settings" in the navigation bar.

Click on Settings

2. Navigate to the "Reviews" settings:

Click on Reviews

3. Select the review link that automatically sends with your review request messages. If you'd like to send out a link besides your Facebook or Google Business Profile review pages, select "Other", click "update", and type in the URL into the text field that pops up.

Click on switch
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