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How to Reinstate Your Suspended Google Business Profile
How to Reinstate Your Suspended Google Business Profile
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Unfortunately, Google often suspends Google Business Profile listings when changes are made to Google Business Profiles. Luckily, the reinstatement process is fairly straightforward and takes just a minute.

Topline Pro Tip: For information on what to do if you haven't heard back from Google about your Business Profile reinstatement, see our Note on Response Times below.

2. Under “Fix a suspended profile”, click on “Use our form” within step 4.

3. Make sure you’re signed into the proper Google account associated with your Google Business Profile in the top right corner of the screen.

4. Fill out the reinstatement form as follows:

No - Did you already submit a reinstatement request for this Business Profile?

Yes - Are you the official representative of the company, organization, or account?

Does your Business Profile comply with the Google Business Profile quality guidelines?
Yes - Is your business permanently located at the address, or does it permanently service the area shown on your profile?
Yes - Have you entered an accurate street address or service area for your businesses? We don't accept addresses at P.O. boxes or mail receiving agencies.
Yes - Does your business operate in a service area? In other words, does your business model require you or an authorized representative of the business to travel to the customer's location?
Yes - Do you conduct face-to-face business at your location?
No - Do you have multiple profiles for the same location?

5. Fill out the reinstatement request form. Be sure to include any documentation that substantiates your legitimacy as a business, such as a business license or a utility bill.

Topline Pro Tip: See this article to find your Google Business Profile ID

Note on Response Times:

Google's goal is to resolve Business Profile reinstatement requests within 3 business days, however they often do not.

The best course of action if you haven't heard from Google after 3 business days is to reply to the Business Profile suspension notification email.

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