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Welcome to Topline Pro!
Welcome to Topline Pro!

Growing your business starts today

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Welcome to Topline Pro – we're here to help you and your business get discovered, trusted, and booked.

As you navigate growing your business, remember that our platform is here to empower you. Take a moment to explore the app to see all that you can do to attract new customers. Your account manager will be connecting with you soon to walk you through the app

A composed approach to ranking on Google

The journey of getting your business and website ranking on Google requires consistency. Google takes its time – typically 4 to 6 months – to establish trust, and authority, and rank your business. While patience is important, there are proactive steps we can help you take to remain on schedule and build a powerful presence online now!

Early action to take with Topline Pro

At Topline Pro, we believe in simplifying the digital experience for businesses. Let's explore how you can make the most of our platform to enhance your online presence organically:

1. Regularly send review requests to happy customers:

Google values customer reviews highly - review number, quality, and recency are all considered in your website's ranking. Let Topline Pro help you by sending out review requests to your happy customers, automatically reply to review requests, and build up your credibility.

2. Add new photos of your excellent work:

Not only do customers love to see the quality of your work before they book with you, but Google also loves to see websites that are regularly updated with new content and photos. Regularly showcase your work by uploading photos through the Topline Pro App.

3. Make edits to your homepage and services:

Making quick edits to your site to reflect your community and customers' needs is a key way to stand out. Topline Pro always optimizes the content on your site, but when you want to make small edits to make it your own or add new services to attract more jobs, you can! The Topline Pro app allows you to make changes on your site easily and quickly.

4. Engage your customers on social media:

Social media is a valuable tool to connect with your customers. Topline Pro can help make your social media management easy. The Topline Pro App allows you to instantly generate social media posts about your business. You can generate posts out of nothing or from the seed of an idea. Posting regularly shows Google that you are an active business, interested in interacting with your customers - they love this and reward this kind of activity with higher rankings. Topline Pro helps you maintain a strong social media presence.

5. Share insights through blogging:

Establish your authority in the industry by sharing valuable insights through blog posts. With Topline Pro, creating and managing blog content becomes a breeze, allowing you to maintain a consistent and informative online presence. You can use our AI tools to generate blogs or we can take the entire process over - write and publish posts for you automatically. Google loves to rank businesses that position themselves as thought leaders.

Let's get started

Although it can take a few months to get your business ranked in a good position on Google, the team at Topline Pro has your back. All of our tools are set up to help you attract more customers and grow your online presence. Now is the perfect time to dive in and begin using all the tools available to you.

What will you do today? Send a review request? Upload a new photo? Share a social media post about your new website? Whatever you decide, let's get started today!

Need further support?

If you have any questions, we're always available by phone and text at 857-365-6868 or by email at [email protected].

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