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How to Add a User to your Topline Pro Account
How to Add a User to your Topline Pro Account

If you have others who help manage your business, add them as a user to the app.

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πŸ‘‰ Your Topline Pro app and website can be managed by multiple people as long as they can access the link. To add another user to your Topline Pro account, just follow the steps below.

Note: Anyone you add will have permissions such as editing your business website, managing reviews, and processing payments.

1. From the Topline Pro home page, select the gear icon in the upper right corner.

2. Select Add User in the lower right corner.

3. Type the user's name and either phone number or email and select Done.

4. Select Save in the lower right corner.

5. You will see a confirmation that the invitation has been sent as well as the status of the invitation. The status will be Pending until the user accepts the invitation.


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