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Adding Topline Pro as a Google Business Profile Manager
Adding Topline Pro as a Google Business Profile Manager
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1. Navigate to to access your Google Business Profile.

Note: If you do not see your Google Business Profile listed, ensure you are signed into the proper Google account that created/manages the Google listing.

2. Click on "See your profile" to access the profile manager.

Click on See your profile

3. Click on the 3-dot menu to the right of "Your business on Google"

Click on   See Business Profile settings and support

4. Select "Business Profile settings"

Click on Business Profile settings

5. Click on Managers

Click on Managers…

6. Click on Add

Click on Add

7. Within the email address field, enter the numeric code that was provided by Topline Pro.

Paste input

8. You should see your business name pop up in a dropdown. Click on the dropdown.

Click on OBX Clean Team…

9. Select "Add" to add Topline Pro as a Manager on the Google Business Listing.

Click on Add
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