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What is SEO and how does it work?
What is SEO and how does it work?

Let us introduce you to the basics of SEO - what it is, how it works, why you should care about it, and how Topline Pro can help!

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Welcome to the basics of SEO – the power behind your site ranking on search engines like Google. If you're new to the world of SEO or seeking clarity on what SEO entails, the below is for you.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an approach aimed at enhancing the visibility of your website on search engines such as Google. In essence, it's about fine-tuning various elements on and off your site to ensure search engines recognize, understand, and rank it appropriately when users search for relevant topics.

Good SEO is the reason why one plumber ranks number one in an area and another ranks 20th. When you follow SEO best practices regularly your website and business will be more visible to searchers, attracting new customers to you and growing your business.

How Does SEO Work?

When someone searches for information, products, or services online, search engines like Google use algorithms to determine which websites are most relevant to their search. Google is mapping out the entire internet every week, trying to understand what every website and webpage is about. SEO involves optimizing your site's content, off-site signals, and technical aspects to align with these algorithms, ultimately improving your search engine rankings.

Google became the top search engine by being the best at understanding what sites are about and showing searchers the best sites available. It makes billions of dollars by showing the best search results to customers. Because of this, Google is distrusting. It can be slow to trust a new website and ranking highly, wanting to make sure it will send its valuable searchers to the right website.

Why Does SEO Matter?

Simply put, the higher your website ranks on search engine results pages, the more likely users are to find you and visit your website. SEO isn't just about attracting traffic; it's about connecting with the right audience and gaining a competitive edge in your online presence. Here are a few reasons why you should care about SEO:

  1. 92% of Americans are connected to the internet, 85% use it daily.

  2. Google processes about 8.5 billion searches each day.

  3. In 2023 about 83.5% of all searches happened on Google.

  4. More than 61% of people go online to search before making a purchase.

Topline Pro: Your SEO Solution

At Topline Pro, we recognize the significance of SEO for today's small business. Our commitment is to keep your website optimized and competitive by providing weekly updates that align with SEO best practices. You can read more about our approach to SEO here.

SEO might seem like a complex concept, but with Topline Pro as your ally, it becomes a strategic tool for your business's growth and success. Check out how your site's SEO looks and how your website is performing in our app here:

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