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How to Request Reviews through the Topline Pro App
How to Request Reviews through the Topline Pro App

When customers review your work, it helps others know they can trust you to do the job right. We make it easy to gather more reviews!

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πŸ‘‰ Securing customer reviews on your Google Business Profile is not just about feedback – it's a strategic move that boosts your online presence.

Positive reviews build trust, providing social proof that turns potential customers into loyal ones. Moreover, search engines love reviews! Google values customer reviews highly - review number, quality, and recency are all considered in your website's ranking. Stand out in searches and attract more customers. Start collecting reviews today – your business deserves to shine!

How to Request Reviews through the Topline Pro App

While review requests can be customized, you can quickly and easily send reviews without making any changes.

1. From the Topline Pro home page, select Reviews at the bottom.

2. Select Request Review at the top.

3. If you are sending a review to someone who exists as a contact, select from the list of contacts. You can also create a new contact or just type the client's phone number or address in the space provided to send without creating a contact. Next, select whether you are texting or emailing the request.

4. Review the message, edit if preferred and select Send. Note: Topline Pro will automatically fill in the first name of the recipient if it was provided. The review link will also automatically be filled in.

πŸ’‘ Next Steps

Add customer contacts to the Topline Pro app so you can easily send them a review request - learn how to do that here!

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